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extreme switch connected to cisco switch and losing packet

extreme switch connected to cisco switch and losing packet

New Contributor
Hi All

Can someone help me, I have 2 ExtremeXOS 440 switches version connected to cisco switch 6500.

Problem : when I’ doing continues ping I’m getting packet loss and when one switch responding to my pings another will not respond vice vasa .

This is my configuration on extreme switches

create vlan "internal-man-105"

configure vlan internal-man-105 tag 105

configure vlan internal-man-105 add ports 2:24 tagged

configure vlan internal-man-105 ipaddress

enable ipforwarding vlan internal-man-105

configure ports 2:24 auto on speed 1000 duplex full

this is my configuration on cisco switch

interface GigabitEthernet3

description Extreme-switch Uplink


switchport mode trunk

logging event link-status

logging event trunk-status

logging event bundle-status

logging event spanning-tree status

logging event subif-link-status

load-interval 30

keepalive 30

speed 1000

duplex full

udld port aggressive

mls qos trust cos

flowcontrol receive on

flowcontrol send on

spanning-tree portfast edge trunk

spanning-tree bpduguard enable


any speed command on cisco disables auto-negotiation
to re-enable auto-negotiation you should issue
no speed
under selected interface

speed 1000 on Cisco IOS uses auto-negotiation, speed 100 disables it

I hope not. Gigabit should always use auto negotiation. Try speed auto on Cisco.
An please check the error counters. Without a picture of you network and a detailed
error description it's just fishing in the dark.

Hi Patrick

I have check Spanningtree on cisco log i dont see and any errors so i believe Spanningtree is not an issue problem .

* Slot-2 Stack.1 # configure ports 2:24 auto off speed 1000 duplex full Error: Auto negotiation off is not supported on copper medium of combo port 2:24 at 1G or 10G speed.

when I try to make it off i'm getting above error
How to configure speed on EXOS not to be auto ?

Extreme Employee
Hello Siva,

What switch are you pinging and where are you pinging from? What are the IP addresses of each switch?