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Fabric ISIS adjacencies

Hi Community Some more fabric questions from my Fabric lab. I have the following setup: All switches in the lab is running the latest GA code. If I look at the ISIS adjacencies I see that all the adjacencies are active and working: Cor...

64d10e9f5b544cb4ac0ee5e9e5c56377_RackMultipart20181101-93167-kg898x-Diagram_inline.png 64d10e9f5b544cb4ac0ee5e9e5c56377_RackMultipart20181101-64934-1y4i2nh-Adj_1_inline.png 64d10e9f5b544cb4ac0ee5e9e5c56377_RackMultipart20181101-88235-bpram6-Adj_2_inline.png 64d10e9f5b544cb4ac0ee5e9e5c56377_RackMultipart20181101-31690-uffs88-Adj_3_inline.png

unable to see data on Dashboard

Hello Extreme Networks, I have installed NMS in Windows, I already added a device, but nevertheless I cannot see the data of the Switch in the Dashboard. I manage to see the interface statistics and all that entailed but nothing in the dashboard. P...