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Forum is email spamming with with all messages - how to stop it?

Forum is email spamming with with all messages - how to stop it?

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Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know we hear you about the emails and we are taking steps to address that issue and the other issues reported to us this week. I've created an issue/request tracker post so you all can see where we stand on our migration issues, you can view that here. I'll update that post as we learn more so you can check it for progress updates.

Thank you so much for your patience while we work through the growing pains of our new community, I know this week came with some frustrations and I really appreciate you guys hanging in there with us. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you find anything else we need to address.

Valued Contributor
Sadly the new notification system is a mess and the old system was much better. Why can't we:

- Choose the boards that we want to subscribe to
- get notifications about new threads (not posts)
- ability to subscribe to a thread if we are interested (or if we replied to the thread)

Instead I get a email about every new post in board. Someone creates a new topic that I'm not interested in and I get an email? Fine, thanks for the information. 30 people reply to the thread and I get 30 mails? Whyyy?

@StephanH what's your opinion? I have just unsubscribed from all boards for now and probably won't be that active as before.

yep, i've turned off notifications for all boards.
my inbox is happy.

New Contributor
Or go to your account and turn off notifications, or set it to a daily digest.  Clck the icon top right and there are two places, one is Email preferences and the other is Community Notifications for fine-grained control.