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Forum is email spamming with with all messages - how to stop it?

Forum is email spamming with with all messages - how to stop it?

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I just noticed that you can follow topics that you are interested in. (top right corner on every thread-page)
This gets automatically activated when you reply to a topic. So you get notifications about new posts in a thread that you are actively interested in, even if you have disabled all notifications globally.
The only feature that is missing now: Get notified about new threads.

@Stefan K. - I may have to buy a seeing-eye dog - I don't see what you're seeing in the top-right corner. I do see the "Flag as inappropriate", though.

follow thread control is associated with the post at the beginning of the thread like so:


Even though I used my account settings and turned all of my joined conversations to "no email" I am still getting a lot of EXTREME_ email.  I am going to make a mail rule in my client to filter all this spam to /dev/null until Extreme works out the mail notification problems...

I'll pop my head back in that mailbox in a week or so to see if the chatter has died down.  Otherwise ;73s to y'all.

Keith Obermeier
Network Specialist
Jackson Local Schools


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I don't see it either, I tried in three different browsers and it's just missing:

Perhaps it's because I'm already subscribed to all posts in the forum?

I changed setting to daily digest, snapshot here:
I found that this setting did not have any effect on the day I set it, but has worked as expected starting from the day after.
I now get a daily digest email from the communities I am subscribed to.
The only snag is that I'm not likely to contribute to a thread until the day after, but at least the spamming is over.