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forward PTPv2 packets X430-8p

forward PTPv2 packets X430-8p

New Contributor
I'm using X430-8p, and i saw it does not support PTP. So I just want the switch to forward PTP to all port without change. my setup is HUB like configuration. with the following command:
disable learning forward-packets port all
all packets i sent are forward except of the PTPv2 packets. what should I do?


Extreme Employee
I don't see a reason why the switch wouldn't forward the packets. Is this multicast or unicast PTP? Is there a reason you are disabling learning?

What software version are you running and what other configuration changes have been made?

Extreme Employee
Hi Amit,

If you can match the packet using ACL then "redirect-port-list" can be used as action modifier and can be sent out through intended ports.

This article has the outline on how to create and configure access lists.