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How to determine the number of ports using the switch model number ?

How to determine the number of ports using the switch model number ?

New Contributor
I have a remote Summit X460G2-24x-10G4 stack with 2 modules. My question is, how to determine the number of ports using the switch model in a module? show ports returns 34 ports for each slots.

Contributor II
Hello Weda,

if you want to check whether optional ports are present (added via module slot), you can use the command "show ports". Ports missing from the switch will show a link state of NP for not present.


Extreme Employee
Hello Weda

Sorry I am trying to understand the question. Are you wanting to know how many ports are active on the switch? or how many actual ports are on the switch?


I wanted to get an idea about the ports using switch model. Kawawa replied what I expected to know.

Extreme Employee
Hi Weda, using the example you've provided, 24x = 24 x fibre ports, 10G4 = 4 x 10G SFP+ ports. However, every 24p/x/t model also comes with 8 copper or fibre ports, 4 of which are shared with ports 21-24 (which are also labelled 21-24). So a 24x will have an additional 8x1GE copper ports, while a 24t will have an additional 8x1GE SFP ports. At the same time, each X460-G2 supports a VIM-2x/t/ss/q that as the name states, has 2 ports that are 10G or 40G ports.

So, rounding it all down you switch will have 24 Fibre ports + 4 Dedicated Copper ports + 4 10G front panel ports + 2 possible back panel ports = 34 ports

Every X460-G2-24x/p/t will have 24 + 10 ports [8 front, 2 possible back ports] , while every X460-G2-48x/p/t will have 48 + 6 ports [4 front, 2 possible pack ports]

I say possible back ports, because even if you don't have a module installed in the back, ports 33 and 34 or ports 53 and 54 will still show up in a show ports output