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How to Display Summit X400 Series LLDP Information onto Cisco IP 79xx series Web GUI

How to Display Summit X400 Series LLDP Information onto Cisco IP 79xx series Web GUI

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We're migrating away from Cisco switches and onto the Summit X400 series switches. We currently have Cisco IP Phones (7900 and 9900 series). From the IP Phone web GUI on the Cisco switches, we were easily able to determine what switch, switch IP, and port a particular phone was plugged into. This of course used CDP. Now that we're all Extreme for switches, I'm trying to get the proper LLDP information of the Summit switches to display properly...

Here's a screenshot of the info that is shown in the Web GUI of the IP Phones:


I can get the following LLDP information by doing the following:

LLDP Neighbor Device ID: configure snmp sysName
LLDP Neighbor Port: configure port display-string

However, I cannot seem to find a spot to set the LLDP Neighbor IP Address line so the phones display the switch IP.

I'm still trying to figure out a way to have this information automatically filled in. Not sure what the best approach is for that? Script maybe?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Thanks everyone. I now have it working as expected. I'll try and see if there are script options out there to help with ease of Management on these, but I believe this was everything I had to do to get a Cisco IP Phone working with LLDP and your help. Maybe there's room for cleanup?

Anyways, here it is:

#Set Management IP (Can be same as Switch VLAN/IP)
conf vlan mgmt ipaddress

#Configure Port settings
configure lldp port advertise port-description
configure lldp port advertise system-name
configure lldp port advertise system-capabilities
configure lldp port advertise management-address
configure lldp port advertise vendor-specific dot3 mac-phy
configure lldp port advertise vendor-specific med capabilities
configure lldp port advertise vendor-specific med power-via-mdi
configure lldp port advertise vendor-specific dot1 port-protocol-vlan-id vlan
configure lldp port advertise vendor-specific dot1 vlan-name vlan
configure lldp port advertise vendor-specific med policy application voice vlan dscp 46

# Additional port Configuration
enable diffserv examination port
disable dot1p examination port
configure ports display-string
Here's the final Web UI screenshot of one of my Cisco IP Phones:


Everything looks great. I really appreciate all of your help.

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that is correct, you can use the same IP from your vlan 98 on the Mgmt Interface as this is an other VR. The command should look like that:

configure vlan Mgmt ipaddress


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I guess maybe I should ask what the proper command is to set the IP on VR-Mgmt so that the LLDP information is displayed?

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We do not have the IP set on the Management VLAN, Only the vlan interface, 98 in our case. Let me do some testing and let you know the results.

From the last link Bastian provided, it has the following:

  • as vlan Mgmt is attached on VR-Mgmt as Virtual Router you can enter also the same IP from the VR-Default for the LLDP binding
Is this statement saying I can use the same IP on my Mgmt Vlan and the VLAN 98 Interfaces? We're using VR-Default.