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how to use dhcp relay agent in extreme summit x460-24t

how to use dhcp relay agent in extreme summit x460-24t

New Contributor

Here are my settings for vlan 113


configure vlan vlan113 tag 113
configure vlan vlan113 add ports 21-24 tagged
configure vlan vlan113 ipaddress
enable ipforwarding vlan vlan113
configure vlan vlan113 dhcp-address-range -
configure vlan vlan113 dhcp-options default-gateway
configure vlan vlan113 dhcp-options dns-server
enable dhcp ports 21-24 vlan vlan113

as you can see that this allows my L2 devices dealing with tagged packets of vlan 113 to get automatic IP.

My understanding is that DHCP relay agent allows getting IP from DHCP server of another network.

How can I configure my vlan 114 so that devices in vlan 114 get IP from DHCP server of vlan 113 ?

Actually , once I verify DHCP relay feature in this switch then I will test DHCP relay feature of another device.

I guess verifying DHCP option 82 is same as DHCP relay agent.



New Contributor

ok .

I will try that and get back with details .

thanks .

Valued Contributor

The switch needs an IP-Address on both VLANs.

IP-forwarding needs to be enabled on both VLANs.

DHCP-Relay (bootprelay) needs to be enabled on the VLAN where the server is located and on the VLAN where the clients are located, so in your case on both VLANs.

You can find the config for bootprelay above.

On the DHCP-Server you need to create two scopes.

New Contributor

ok, got it .

So , i will try to use extreme switch as dhcp relay agent .

I have to implement .

I think - I will need atleast 2 vlans . say , vlan 113 has DHCP relay and 114 has DHCP server . Will that be alright ?

How do I configure 113 and 114 on extreme switch . I am not sure about that .

I have windows/linux desktop available which can act as DHCP server . Do you know any reliable free DHCP server software for either OS ?



Valued Contributor

Pretty sure that it won’t work. Not sure if you can even configure the DHCP relay to an IP-Address that the switch holds, but the main problem would be that you can’t configure multiple scopes on the switch on the same VLAN.

If you only want to test the functionality you can use your client or a Raspberry Pi or anything else as an DHCP-Server, just need to install some software. 

If you want to have a productive DHCP-Server for both VLANs you have to configure DHCP-Server on the switch for both VLANs, but not via DHCP-Relay.

Best regards