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Is EXOS support triple tagged frame ?

Is EXOS support triple tagged frame ?

New Contributor
I want to transport Q-in-Q frame transparently using VMAN as a PBN. It means the packet would be triple tagged inside EXOS. Is EXOS supported that kind of feature? I could not find any related document that clearly define EXOS support triple tagged. In my lab setup, I can successfully transport Q-in-Q frame via VMAN and VPLS. Please check the attached screen capture. I want to make sure it's fully supported feature before I deploy in production network.



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No vender has a guaranteed support for more than 2 tags... We do successfully push triple tags though our metro network which is 8900's in core and 670's 460' in aggregation. Key is working with the third party on the NNI interface and what ethertype you need to have.. That must match from one end to the other. Other thing that may come up for you is L2PT control frames and how they get handled... some want them tunneled and passed through and some want them dropped. Good luck ....

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Hi Grosjean,
Thanks for your reply. This is helpful.

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Nothing will prevent you to stack many Q, up to the mtu size, of course and the required number of switches to pop them out. Some features might be impacted, things like QoS.