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Monitoring/scraping a Summit x460-24p with Prometheus/Grafana using snmp

Monitoring/scraping a Summit x460-24p with Prometheus/Grafana using snmp

New Contributor

Hello everybody,

has anybody here tried monitoring a x460-24p with Prometheus using SNMP/ the snmp_exporter?

I have set up Prometheus and the snmp_exporter to monitor and scrape other devices but now I'd like to extend this by monitoring some of our x460-24p switches, do any of you perhaps any experience with that? Specifically the OIDs/MIBs might be my biggest issue in this case, so any and every help is much appreciated and would be a great help!



The 460 (if not an X460G2) is not a blazing fast switch. You may need to increase the timeout value in your SNMP polls. If you can configure the SNMP poller (Prometheus in this case) to use SNMP v2 or v3 and use bulk walks to get the data, this will improve speeds a lot (as always, not X460 specific).

Thank you for your reply!

I have set the timeout value for the SNMP polls fairly high and I am using SNMP v2 and bulk walk, but now that I've tried around a little bit and set it up on a test prometheus instance, prometheus doesn't seem to be able to "access" the switch and it's data, it probably is an issue from my prometheus configuration/ my MIB and OID configuration, which I'll have to look into more. Do you by any chance happen to know where I could find the OIDs and MIBs for that specific switch?