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MSTP Configuration Question

MSTP Configuration Question

New Contributor
I am looking at a configuration provided to me by a client on an existing Extreme switch. They are needing me to translate this configuration to a Cisco configuration. The configuration from the Extreme switch shows:

configure mstp region 00049635f779
configure stpd s0 delete vlan default ports all
disable stpd s0 auto-bind vlan default
enable stpd s0 auto-bind vlan Default

Does this mean that MSTP has not been configured? I would assume there would be more commands enabled and an actual region name rather than a bunch of numbers.



New Contributor

Thank you for the response. That answers my question that it is just a default configuration.

Extreme Employee
Hi Keegan,

I believe starting EXOS 22.x, MSTP is enabled by default on VLAN Default (which is an untagged VLAN on all ports on startup). This is the config you are seeing on the Extreme Switch.

This guide may be of help -

- to help convert EXOS commands to CISCO IOS.