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"rate-limit egress" logging - can it be done?

"rate-limit egress" logging - can it be done?

I'm (successfully) limiting egress rates on select ports of my 460s via "config port 29 rate-limit egress 5000 Kbps" (set low for test purposes)

Now I'd like to somehow log when a port hits the ceiling, so-to-speak, and I can't find anything. I've read through the EMS Messages Catalog (and the various sh log counters...) lines and just didn't find anything that might get logged when the egress limit of a port is being hit. HAL.Port.RateLimit seems to only apply to flood limits, and I think that's something different (broad/multicasts and unknown), and that counter stayed at 0.

Is there really no way to log that? If not, is there a way to either send an snmp-trap (or query something in SNMP) - and I admit, I haven't looked at the MIB - from our monitoring server?

Thank you much!



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how do you check and verify that egress rate limit is work as expected ??!

I know, resurrecting an old thread of mine:
How do I enable the switch to send a trap when the port-rate egress limit (and/or burst) is exceeded or met. Or can I get a syslog entry when that happens?
My port is set to: "config port 5:29 rate-limit egress 1000 Kbps max-burst-size 1000 Kb"

- what do I have to do to enable sending of the trap (if the trap is implemented yet)
- what do I have to do to enable logging of this event (didn't find it in the slightly incomplete EMS Message Catalog, didn't find it in the log filter list either - but it's quite possible I'm looking for the wrong expression)
- do I need to do something completely different if I want to know when a port's max. configured rate is being reached? (no fancy QoS, just basic rate-limit)

My syslog server does receive syslogs properly, and also receives other Extreme OS snmp traps fine.

Thanks for your help!

I'm missing something. I'm using
I am getting traps (for instance logging in with a bad password), so I know that I did at least something right.

Next: configure ports 5:29 rate-limit egress 50 Kbps
I know, insanely low, but makes it easy to test, I thought.
Tried to transfer a large file to the server connected to 5:29. Yup, slow as molasses, so rate-limiting does work.

However: no trap received, no trap sent (as far as I can tell)

I fear there's something that I need to set, but I don't understand what the documentation is trying to tell me (regarding snmpNotifyTable, tags, tag-lists, and what-not).

If anyone could shed some light as to what I'd have to do to get this working, please? Or point me to useful examples?


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SNMP trap "extremeRateLimitExceededAlarm," which is listed under EXTREME-PORT-MIB, can be used to notify the first time a poll of a rate-limited port has a non-zero counter. The OID for extremeRateLimitExceededAlarm is .