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redundant link

redundant link

New Contributor III
Hi All...
am trying to configure a redundant link between my Core switch to distribution switch.
below am attached the link layout. Am trying to enable STP its showing below error.

(Rack-SW.2 # enable stp "s0"


Error: Incorrect carrier vlan configuration of port 23-24 in stp domain s0
HP_Rack-SW.3 #)

Kindly suggest any best way to achieve the requirement

Extreme Employee
Hi Mohammed,

The below article would help you get rid of the error. If the domain s0 is operating in dot1d mode and the ports are tagged, then the error would pop up. Also, if the s0 is operating in dot1w mode and the ports are untagged, the error would pop up. We need to ensure that the VLAN of the STP tag is added in these ports as tagged.

I am assuming both are exreme switches.
If you are only planning to establish redundancy with 2 active links going to the core switch and not requiring the STP on the other links, following are the other options that you could explore apart from STP.

- Software redundant port

This would have one link as active and the other link would become active in case of the first link failure.

- If both the ports are of same speed and duplex, you could also explore the option of enabling load sharing. This will give you both the redundancy and efficient bandwidth usage.

Hope this helps!

Hi Shannon,

Try changing the default stpd mode of these ports to other than dot1d. If it is dot1d, the ports should have an untagged vlan.

configure stpd ports mode

Hope this helps!

I am getting this same error, switch is in dot1w mode, all ports are tagged with vlan xyz. I do not want to add an untagged vlan to all ports just to make this work, and certainly have not had to do this on other switches. which also have no untagged vlans on the ports.

Anyone have any other suggestions or troubleshooting tips, the Q_A article really does not help that much.