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Remove ip from one Vlan and add it to another Vlan

Remove ip from one Vlan and add it to another Vlan

New Contributor
Hello, I’m new to the extreme SW..... I want to know what the commands are to remove an IP from a Vlan and add it to another Vlan. I understand that it has an extructure similar to this one:

confugure vlan delate “name_vlan” IP add “name_vlan” IP “name_vlan”

What's the goal? You could change the name of the VLAN and I am pretty sure you can change the tag then you would not have to worry about port changes. Configure VLAN "blue" tag 1110

this is true, what the OPs goal is definatly needed.

New Contributor

just to be clear you will need to identify what switchs you are working on.

I am an XOS ( x460,x440,x450 etc) guy

example in Xos is you have vlan red ( ip and vlan blue

unconfigure vlan red ip address
configure vlan blue ip address


Valued Contributor III
Hi Bryan,
There are two articles that I think will help you here:

How To Remove VLAN IP Address on EXOS
How to configure an IP address on a VLAN

Make sure you aren't connected to the IP address you are about to remove (via telnet or SSH). If so, you'll need to write a script or connect via console to make this change.