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Routing between Virtual Router on Same Switch

Routing between Virtual Router on Same Switch

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I’m having an issue with trying to route between two VRs on the same switch following the article ( The switch is on patch 1-5.

I have a virtual router called vr-SM which in it has a vlan (called Server) with ip of 172.x.x.1/24. I have another virtual router called vr-DR which in it has a vlan (called DRClientAccess) with ip of 192.x.x.1/24. I want to route between these two virtual routers/vlans.

I have created in the vr-Default two routes:

configure iproute add 192.x.x.0/24 192.x.x.2 vlan DRClientAcess vr vr-SM

configure iproute add 172.x.x.0/24 172.x.x.2 vlan Server vr vr-DR

However it does not work. I tried to use the gateway x.x.x.1 address in iproute command but it throws up an error but according to the document that is correct and to use any other reachable address in the vlan for a gateway. Am I understanding that right?

Secondly, that example posted by Extreme has a vLAN (10.x.x.x/8 and 20.x.x.x/8) with the other vLANs behind them (51.x.x.x/8 and 52.x.x.x/8) which is throwing me off a little. Do you need to route through another vlan and does the 51/52 vlan equivalent have to be layer2 or 3 or does it not matter? My set-up is just two virtual routers with a vLAN in each that I want to be able to talk to each other.

Any help with syntax/set-up would be very helpful.




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Per initial design this feature is for packets routed through a gateway to a remote subnet.
Inter-VR routing can also be accomplished to/from a host adjacent to the switch, i.e. hosts in the switch’s IPv4 ARP cache, by adding a /32 host route.
To have packets from VR1 route to a host/server in VR2 directly on the subnet, can be acheived by specifying a /32 host address