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some devices return "sh: ./sftp: not found" when firmware upgrade via scp2

some devices return "sh: ./sftp: not found" when firmware upgrade via scp2

New Contributor
We were in a process of updating EXOS switches via Netsight script and we noticed some switches have not been upgraded. These set of switches have EXOS ver
Then I manually tried to upgrade using
scp2 vr "VR-Default" root@:/root/firmware/images/summitX- summitX-
and it returns "sh: ./sftp: not found" . Any idea to fix this ?

Extreme Employee
Please find below the steps to upgrade the switches using EXOS procedure:

Software upgrade procedure:

Download the appropriate EXOS image.
Place the EXOS image on a TFTP server.
Ensure that you are able to ping the TFTP server from the switch from the appropriate virtual router. At least one of ping vr vr-Mgmt or ping vr vr-Default operations must successfully reach your TFTP server before you can proceed. After verifying the TFTP server is reachable, specify that VR when you download the image in the next step.

Type the command download image .
Reboot the system for the upgrade to take effect: Type reboot, then when asked if you want to reboot the switch now, type yes.

Additional Notes:

If upgrading a BlackDiamond chassis with two MSMs, then follow the steps above only on the Master MSM – after which it will automatically synchronize with the Backup.
It is unnecessary to specify the partition on which to load the new image, because by default it will be downloaded and installed on the non-active partition.
If XMODs are utilized in your environment, then install them prior to rebooting.

Valued Contributor III

Extreme Employee is a beta version of EXOS, maybe the internal sftp part was not yet included in that version, I would advise using normal tftp to do the upgrade on these switches.

New Contributor
Thanks for your reply.