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SSH RSA keys via Radius?

SSH RSA keys via Radius?

New Contributor
Is there a way to authenticate RSA Keys for ssh against radius instead of only locally? The reason i ask is it would seem to be a alot more useful to load the PubKey onto the radius server that all extremes use instead of loading all the keys onto each of the switches manually.

Extreme Employee
Hi Chris,

I believe i got your point, if correct this could help.

when the Keys is generated by a third party tool or using a Linux Machine, it is created as separate two files one is the public and one is the private...

By default there is no key installed in the switch and we need to manually input the public key to the switch and map it to an existing user, This is by design and could not be changed.

May be if you go though this article on how to create the RSA key and install it in the switch should give you exact idea

So what you are looking for is not an option.