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Stacking without DAC

Stacking without DAC

New Contributor

Hello community

I want to mount new swtichs in stack mode, except that I wonder if I can mount my switches (Extreme 5320) without DAC cables.
Let me explain, I would like to set up a stack of 3 nodes except that I do not want to use DAC cables but rather SFP+ optical jumpers because the switches will be installed on different floors of the building and I don't have any long DAC cable.

Do you think the 5320 supports mounting a stack on U1-U2 ports using SFP+? because I can't raise the stack even if I use the 1/10Gbs SFP upling ports


Does anyone have any idea if this is possible and how?



Thanks 🙂


Extreme Employee


10G Stacking of 5320s via optics should be fine. There are many 10G optics listed for stacking-support with the 5320 on the optics website: