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Transmitting Received BGP routes with AS in tact

Transmitting Received BGP routes with AS in tact

New Contributor
I am having an issue with what appears to be two networks that are advertised to me via is pretty standard and the other one is maybe a little less typical. I receive the route from an EBGP peer for a /24 and it goes into our routing table. When I advertise these upstream, there is no record of the source ASN. To complicate things further, one of the peers is using a SWIP'd range which is fine but it is part of an aggregate network that we advertise. I have an advertisement policy that removes that from the summary but so far that doesn't seem to be working.

To recap, networks that I receive via an EBGP customer are not being transmitted to other EBGP peers even when permitted and I am hoping to retain the ASN so that when it gets further upstream it has the full AS-path.

Let me know what details I can share but so far I'm not finding any gtac guides or any similar requests on the community site. Thank you!

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Padmashree, Thanks for your reply. I think I found a few things out which might help the community...some might not.

The ultimate cure was to add:
configure bgp add network SMALLERSUB/NET

modify aggregate address to remove SMALLERSUB/NET from aggregation:
configure bgp add aggregate-address LARGERSUB/NET summary-only advertise-policy RemoveSummary

edit RemoveSummary.pol
entry removefromsummary {
if match any {
nlri SMALLERSUB/NET exact;
} then {

entry accept_others {
if { } then {

Last but not least, one of my routers was routers was kicking out the route received from an ebgp peer..haven't had the time to look at release notes but I suspect it is a previously addressed bug.

Hope this info helps somebody!

New Contributor
Can you post the running configuration of bgp