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Unable to enable VIM slot for stacking

Unable to enable VIM slot for stacking

New Contributor II
As one can imagine, I'm new to Extreme and EXOS. I've inherited some X460-G2 10Gbit switches and they have the Summit X460-G2 VIM-2x cards installed in the VIM slot. They aren't in use at the minute and I wanted to be able to enable these for stacking / MLAG.

I've enabled stacking and rebooted the switch, but when I go
show stacking-support

It only shows the SFP+ ports 51 and 52 (which are the front fiber ports).
show switch does show the VIM-2x card.

Any suggestions?

EXOS version:


New Contributor II
can I use the VIM-2x ports for anything on these switches?

Extreme Employee
Hi Sean,

On the X460-G2-10G, the front 10G ports are used for alternate stacking (to allow alternate stacking without requiring the VIM-2x).

On the X460-G2-1G (without built-in 10G ports), the VIM-2x is needed for alternate stacking.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to use the VIM-2x ports for alternate stacking on the 10G version of the X460-G2.

New Contributor II
nm, they show up now. go figure. Thank you!

Yes, you can use the VIM-2x as two 10 gigabit SFP+ ethernet ports. They are ports 53 and 54.