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Unmanaged switch loop prevention connected to 460-G2

Unmanaged switch loop prevention connected to 460-G2

New Contributor III
So we have a bunch of 460-G2's we will be replacing some enterasys C2's. Currently SpanGuard on the C2's was not enabled hence when people with an unmanaged desk switch looped 2 of the ports all hell breaks loose with Spantree.

The 460-G2's have STP enabled with BPDU-restrict and also edge-safeguard, but this does not prevent unmanaged switch loops.

How can we prevent the STP from people looping an unmanage switch connected to only 1 edge port and trashing the network?

New Contributor III
i also noticed while using ELRP, that if a port is connected to an unmanaged switch and then the switch is loop, the port gets disabled as expected. If i connect an unmanaged switch that is already looped to another port the whole system get stormed and ELRP doesnt kick in and disable the port.

Is this normal behavior??

New Contributor III
so i am curious, i wonder if we had edge-safeguard and bpdu-restrict configured correctly.
Looking at the below document, it says we can use either ELRP or edge-guard with bpdu-restrict???

ELRP works as i mentioned but wondering if we should be using the other. To do use have an MSTP cist and multiple MSTI's.

Sorry, new to swtiches and getting my head around it all.

New Contributor III
ELRP worked flawlessly in testing thankyou. 

Extreme Employee
Hi Dave,

Thanks for confirming that you are migrating to the X460G2 switches.
Please click on the links below for knowledge articles that explains what is ELRP, as well as the exact step to configure and enable ELRP:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

any comments on the below for us please?