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Upgrading to 16.x.x.x version?

Upgrading to 16.x.x.x version?

New Contributor
Good day all! We're looking to upgrade several of our X430 and X440 Summits from to one of the lastest 16.x.x.x versions. Any gotchas that anyone has experienced making that big of a jump? Any suggestions on a stable 16.x.x.x version? None are stacked but uplinked to stacked core Extreme switches.

Thanks much all!


Extreme Employee
Mostly I can see there will be no issues. But in case if they have any aaa configuration or radius configuration then we need to reconfigure the shared secrets alone after the upgrade else it is very much fine. Moreover it seems the radius code has been changed from 16.1 onwards which uses different algorithm for encryption though. So that should be taken care always without modifying further in case if there is any change noticed during the upgrade for any sort of aaa or radius configuration which they use.

Anyway i agree with Harry it is always better to apply the changes on testbed switches before implementing them live. But at the same time i am very much sure from 16.1 onwards now the radius code has been already changed using different algorithm for encryption. Because this has been already verified by engineering. Hence chances of any issues is at negligence.

Hope all these information help you for moving forward.....

New Contributor III
Hi Garry!

I would recomend to you, that you should test new Firmware in a Test Environment/Lab with your actual configs always before you roll it out to all your devices.

We had an issue with radius authentication from 15.x.x.x to 16.x.x.x. We couldnt log in from remote, the only way was the failsafe account.

So we had to do some reconfigurations on our Radius Servers cause we have a multivendor Network


Extreme Employee
As mentioned by Drew please refer the Risks when upgrading from EXOS 12.5 to 16.1 conversation thread. Very recently just 30 minutes before i have added one article link documenting this requirement and explaining the need of this.

New Contributor
I have installed EXOS ver in the free partition of device which has current firmware I haven't rebooted yet.
My questions is,
1) Is there any possibility to crash the config file when rebooting ?