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X435 clone - USB ZTP autoprovision

X435 clone - USB ZTP autoprovision

Contributor II

I would like to Autoprovision X435 with ZTP/USB

when I try to run
xxxx-SW1.1 # run script ousb
Cannot open Python script "": No such file or directory
xxxx-SW1.2 #

xxxx-SW1.5 # show version
Switch : 800982-00-08 2224G-01735 Rev 08 BootROM: IMG:

Image : ExtremeXOS version by release-manager
on Fri Jun 3 08:41:13 EDT 2022
BootROM : Default Alternate
Diagnostics :
Certified Version : EXOS Linux 4.14.253, Extreme Networks FIPS Object Module 2.0.16a
Build Tools Version : exos-arm32-sdk-
xxxx-SW1.6 #

According to this article, it should work in 31.1 an greater?


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are you sure you are in the correct directory?

"Cannot open Python script "": No such file or directory"

according to this

it should be in /usr/local/ext


* SW1.6 # download image /summitX-clone- vr VR-Default
Debug information files are present in internal-memory.
These files will be removed if you continue with download.
Do you want to continue with download and remove existing files from internal-memory? (y/N) Yes
Do you want to install image after downloading? (y - yes, n - no, <cr> - cancel) Yes

Downloading to Switch..
Error: Failed to download image - Error: File summitX-clone- is not compatible with this summitlite_arm platform. Try using summitlite_arm-

* SW1.7 #

I think the problem with x435 and clone is that the XMOD file of summitX-<> ist not working on summitlite

where to get that xmod file for x435/summitlite_arm?