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X440-G2 port license upgrade

X440-G2 port license upgrade

I am confused over the licence required to upgrade a X440-G2-48P-10GE4 switch , so that the 2 copper ports can run at 10G rather than IG , the document details to licence upgrades one for 4 ports and one for 2 ports which which is 16542. Basically I need too connect by 10Gig copper ( X670V-48T which I have in the core .

Thankd in advance


Hi , I don't want to stack , I just need to understand that to change the copper from 1 gig to 10 gig , its the two port license , if anything they two port will be shared and I will run mlag at the other end between two existing X670V-48T units already in teh core ..

So my question is still teh same , with the 2 port licence this will upgrade the 2 copper from 1G
to 10G

New Contributor
You do not need the 10 gb license to support Summit stack -V to the X670. The nine switch models can support 10Gb stacking (SummitStack-V) across two of the 1Gb
SFP ports. These ports run a 10Gb stacking protocol by default so a 10GbE license is NOT required.

Extreme Employee
Hi Rod,

I checked into this, and it does look like the 2 copper 10Gbase-T ports should be covered under the 2 port 10G license.