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X450-G2 as core switch

X450-G2 as core switch

New Contributor

We have a Sonicwall NSA3600 running DHCP, and this connected to the 'core' Aerohive SR2324P, which plugs into a few dozen mixed devices, (AP's, computers, etc) and 4 other SR2324P throughout the site via 10g fibre.  These SR2324s in each building connects to several SR2224P via cat6. 

Our 'core' SR2324P recently died, and I found a good deal on a refurbished Extreme 450-G2 which seemed like a big upgrade. 

I recently discovered the replacement is not considered a core switch which I understand should be used in this situation. We have about 300 users and a 1gbps connection with heavy media use. We don't have much internal server stuff aside from some self-contained camera systems. We have routine LAN slowdowns. 

True core switches that work with ExtremeCloudIQ seems out of our price range, but X460 seems affordable and although not a core switch, they can be used as an aggregation switch? I was thinking of possibly putting an X460 in for core switch as well as one in each building. Would this be more suitable than what we are using now? 

Pardon my ignorance.. not a network engineer. 


Would having a real core switch make a big difference? Our network chokes up at ni


Extreme Employee

 For 300 users the X450G2 will do fine.