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X670 port-mirroring

X670 port-mirroring

New Contributor II

When setting up port mirror on the third port, I get hardware limitation error,ok, is it possible to bypass this limitation create mirror to the ports in the LAG, will be traffic from all ports specified in the filter evenly distributing to the egress ports, for example:

enable sharing 1 grouping 1-2 algorithm address-based L2
configure mirror TEST to port 1
configure mirror TEST add port 11 ingress-and-egress
configure mirror TEST add port 12 ingress-and-egress
configure mirror TEST add port 13 ingress-and-egress
configure mirror TEST add port 14 ingress-and-egress



Extreme Employee
With the config shown, we are mirroring to a Link Aggregation Group which will give the error: "Error: Port mirroring cannot be enabled on a trunk member port 1" once enabling mirror test. Native mirroring to a LAG port is not currently supported. Is this the limitation you are referring to? If so, please try changing the 'mirror to' port to another port other than a Link Aggregation Group. Otherwise let us know the message you are seeing and confirm whether this is a X670V or X670-G2

If the mirror to port is supposed to be a LAG, you can mirror to a LAG via one-to-many mirroring. Following article may help:

New Contributor II
sorry, I specified the config incorrectly, the command looked like this:
configure mirror TEST to port-list1
with this command will be traffic distributed evenly ?

Extreme Employee

Hi Xamza,

No, traffic is not distributed among LAG ports when using the port-list. This is a workaround to allow mirrored traffic to a LAG port. In fact, this only mirrors traffic to the physical ports specified in the port-list. If you choose just one member-port of the LAG, only that port will egress mirrored traffic. If you specify multiple member-ports of the LAG, each port will receive a copy of mirrored traffic causing duplicates.

If you'd like EXOS to support mirroring to a LAG natively, that would make a good feature request!


Thanks for the update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution.