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x670 trunk link

x670 trunk link

New Contributor II
Hello everyones!

I wanna buy a x620 extreme switch with 16 10G ports. I need 2 trunk links including 4 ports each as a lacp LAG. The question is can I configure following properties on it or not:
1-Making more than 8 LACP port in a trunk link
2-Decreasing LACP time out

I did all of these configuration on x670 with 48 10g ports but I am not sure about x620 series.
Thank you so much.

Contributor III
Hello, Amir!

EXOS RelNotes - maximum number of ports per loadsharing group for X620 is 8 ports.
You can add more then 8 ports - till 16, but they wouldn't be in UP state, they will be standby links.

You can configure lacp timeout with command
configure sharing port lacp timeout [long | short]
long - 90 sec
short - 3 sec

Thank you!

As a side note here, the x620 is a 10 or 16 ports switch. Going above 8 ports per LAG doesn't make a lot of sense, non-LAG ports would be less...

New Contributor II
Thank you so much Alex!


X670 give possibility to make 1 trunk with more then 8 active ports but more expencive.
X620 give only 8 ports in 1 trunk but more cheaper.
Numbers of active ports in 1 trunk don't depends from EXOS version (if we talk about 15.x; 16.x; 21.x versions) it's depends from hardware.

You have to decide what is better for you.

Thank you!