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x670-x440 Vrrp change master to backup, not routing

x670-x440 Vrrp change master to backup, not routing

New Contributor

We have 2 stacks both stacks are 1 x460 and 1x440 and an ISC connecting. When we try to fail over to the backup, the backup takes over as master but routing of the layer 3 vlans is not happening. FW Version we are using is

Any help or ideas much will be appreciated.




New Contributor

The backup is basically the same construct as the Master, comprised of 1 x460 and 1x440. X460 are configured with vrrp configurations

If you run show vrrp detail on each stack does everything look consistent?

Yes, the ISC runs between the 460 and the 440.

ok but did you seen the Picture i attached the way its constructed ?

So its not failing over to the backup switch, just the backup stack which still has the 460 as master. That makes things more interesting.

I would still recommend replacing the 440 so that you have a backup if one of the 460s goes down.