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x670g2 battery replacement

x670g2 battery replacement

New Contributor

what are the requirements for replacing the battery in the x6790g2? does AC power need to be applied to prevent switch from losing its configuration data?

New Contributor
Just preventative maintenance. Right now battery is ok but need to understand how to replace.

Just a side note; even if the battery is exhausted, the config will be still available on the file system.
The following symptoms will be seen after a power cycle (hard reboot):
It fails to boot with the secondary image even it is configured to reboot with the secondary image, instead it boots with the primary image.
The switch configuration becomes factory default.
When the “show switch” command is executed, the boot count is shown as 1, and the current year is shown as 1919.

If you then select the correct configuration file and reboot (soft reboot) you will be able to retrieve the configuration file and keep using the switch until the replacement is in place.

thank you. that is the process we will then use.

Valued Contributor III
The battery life should extend at least through the service life of the switch and shouldn't need to be replaced. They're typically made onto the board. If there's a problem with the battery before then, we would recommend that you RMA it.
I certainly can't recommend that you replace the battery yourself.