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EXOS equivalent for EOS "show port advertise"?

EXOS equivalent for EOS "show port advertise"?

New Contributor III
with EOS I can use "show port advertise" to see the advertised speed of a network device which is connected to the switch, f.e.:
SWITCHNAME(su)->show port advertise ge.1.5
ge.1.5 capability advertised remote
10BASE-T yes yes yes
10BASE-TFD yes yes yes
100BASE-TX yes yes yes
100BASE-TXFD yes yes yes
1000BASE-X no no no
1000BASE-XFD no no no
1000BASE-T no no yes
1000BASE-TFD yes yes yes
other no no no
pause yes no no
Apause yes no no
Spause yes no no
Bpause yes yes yes

Is there a command in EXOS to get the same information?

New Contributor III
how long is a OTP valid? Since we need this command quite often on our access switches for client debugging and testing purposes it would be helpful to have this as regular command in a future EXOS release.

Valued Contributor III
Debug passwords are good for 59 minutes once the challenge is generated. Once you're in, there is no expiration as long as your session stays active/logged-in.

As of EXOS 15.4, you don't need to be in debug mode to get a packet capture. Here's two articles covering how it works:

Valued Contributor II
As far as I remember it is for 60 minutes.
Well, there's a lot of nice things, like entire shell with tcpdump and else. 🙂
But then Extreme should have good audit log to validate warranty claims.
IMO it is more probable to get couple of commands to EXOS CLI, like recently diff has been imported. And more extensive debug section, that would be useful a lot and also would help GTAC take over smaller amount of cases.

Honored Contributor
2ways to get that in a future release... 1) open a feature request 2) call 30times a day for a OTP I think option2 will get you the result faster 