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Communication between BlackDiamond and Cisco 2960

Communication between BlackDiamond and Cisco 2960

New Contributor II
whenever connecting one uplink between cisco 2960 switch to Black diamond then we are not getting communication between both the switches.Is there any STP parameter needs to be set on this?

Contributor II
An unconfigured Cisco switch uses the old, slow STP algorithm. As a result it will take from 30s to 50s for a port to become active. During this time the port LED is amber.

You might want to check the Cisco's view of the port using "show interface ".

It would be good to know what the Black Diamond has to say about the port as well:

show port configuration
show port info detail

New Contributor
For starters, disable stp on the cisco switch. I have never used a black diamond before but i would like to think the commands are similar with the Summit X450. Also are you able to show me the black diamond config?

Both Black Diamond and Summit X switches use EXOS. The biggest difference is that the chassis based switches always use :, while standalone Summit X switches use only (and : in stacking mode).

New Contributor II
is there any stp setings needs to be done on the port of extreme?