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Extreme SFP+ Cables (Model: 10305) not working?

Extreme SFP+ Cables (Model: 10305) not working?

New Contributor II
We have a handful of 10305 3 meter SFP+ cables we are trying to connect up between a Dell server and a X670 G2. We have 3 cables not working, but when we swap them with a newer order of 10305 model cables, they work fine. Do these cables have firmware that I need to be worried about?

The funny thing is, the cables that are not working with the dell servers, will work fine on our nimble SAN. So they are working with one piece of hardware, but not another? All on the same x670 G2 ports. Dell support says everything looks good from their point of view.

Any help would be appreciated.


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That's good information. Thanks for the reply. We have PartnerWorks so we'll start with our local vendor and see if they can open up a TAC request for us and see what our next steps would be. I'll post updates as I get them.

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hi, I think we had a similar issue ...
with some servers, DAC cable firmware has to be updated,
cause it have to be compliant to a new "standard" ...
it mostly depends on the network interfaces present on the servers ... if they need the "new standard", firmware on DAC cables has to be updated ...

we had this serial that was NOT working
SFP/SFP+ Part Number: 900075-10-02

and this other one that was working
SFP/SFP+ Part Number: 900075-10-03

as you can see,
the only difference is the last number,
that is a sort of "revision reference" ...

when we had the issue,
the ONLY solution was to contact the TAC,
send them ALL the cables for firmware updates,
and get them back ...

let me know



New Contributor II
One thing to note, we are noticing the cables have two different sets of numbers labeled on them. The ones that are not working have a number of 1721 and the cables that are working have 1822. What's the difference between the two?