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Extreme switches 200 series SFP uplinks are not working

Extreme switches 200 series SFP uplinks are not working

New Contributor
Customer has a 220 series 12 port and 48 port and is trying to connect the 2 via SFP ports on 1/0/13 on the 12, and 1/0/49 on the 48, but still have a link state down. This is a flat network, only the default VLAN is there.
SFP modules are compatible (10301; 10GBase-SR). Can verify the SFPs are there on both switches.
Firmware is up to date to
There is no serviceport address, but a network address is configured. Both ports are configured as a trunk with the allowed vlan 1. I tried setting the ports to 10G full-duplex, now currently have the speed set to auto with auto-negotiation on both ports. Also went ahead with the shut/ no shut on ports and still cannot get anything.

Extreme Employee
Looking at the case notes, it looks like the fiber is OM1 and is over the max distance for 10G

Well, I did it mostly using OM3.

Contributor II
I've ran 10G links much over 33M distance many times. Is this 10301 SFPs limitation ?

New Contributor
I believe I found out the issue. The current fiber lines do not work with the 10GBase-SR SFP+. They need to swap out the SFPs with 1G SFPs since the fiber they have from building to building is well over 33M to support the 10G SFPs.