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How enable PoE at specifics ports by cli or gui on 220 switches?

How enable PoE at specifics ports by cli or gui on 220 switches?

New Contributor
I tried to enable ports by cli with this command:


but the problem is that it didn't recognize me, so I look up for information but I didn't found something that could fix that problem... help me please


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thanks for your response and help. I appreciate it.

New Contributor
Yes, I had already done everything that you mention, but Ports still wasn't delivering PoE so I reboot the switches the problem was fixed

I followed your commands displayed, (210-24.cfg) (Config)#interface 0/1,(210-24.cfg) (Interface 0/1)#poe,(210-24.cfg) (Interface 0/1)#shutdown , all that last command did was disable the interface 0/1 but poe was still available at the port-
(210-24.cfg) (Interface 0/1)#show port 0/1

Admin Physical Physical Link Link LACP Actor
Intf Type Mode Mode Status Status Trap Mode Timeout
--------- ------ --------- ---------- ---------- ------ ------- ------ --------
0/1 Disable Auto Down Enable Enable long

I would first run the command "no shutdown " on your interface and then here are your options for PoE on the interface
(210-24.cfg) (Interface 0/1)#poe ?

Press enter to execute the command.
detection Configure PoE detection mode.
high-power Configure PoE port high power mode.
power Configure PoE power parameters.
priority Configure PoE port priorities.
reset Reset PoE port.
timer Enables or disables a timer service.

Here is a great article explaining the commands available to you.

Please let us know if there is anything else you may need.

You can start with enable
poe reset
This should reset all port settings.

Could you confirm the switch "show hardware" or firmware "show bootvar"