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Layer 2 vlan across Core/switches

Layer 2 vlan across Core/switches

New Contributor

Think I'm being a bit stupid. We have core switch (Extreme 670) attached to edge stacks (440s) and want to create a layer 2 Vlan across the network.

So the vlan is created on both the core switch and the edge switch, same tag ID and tagged between each others uplinks. The endpoint is on the edge switch and the port that is physically connected is in the vlan. I can see the mac address of the endpoint but not the IP.

So problem is a device not on the same edge stack which has the endpoint connected goes through the core switch but because the ip address of the endpoint is not broadcast the traffic just follows the default route on the core and fails. I cannot ping the endpoint from the core.

How can I get round this problem and get the traffic to the endpoint but without layer 3 vlan? It is for a security that I don't want layer 3.

Hope that makes sense.




Hello Jackson,

If I am understanding you correctly (Forgive me if I am missing something). It sounds like you are unable to see the IP address on the x440 through the "show iparp" command. If you do not have an IP address on the VLAN (You can have an IP address on the VLAN without allowing the specific switch to route that traffic) it will not display any ARP information. You should be bale to grab this information form the Core considering it should have an IP address applied to the VLAN.

Thank you for the reply. I will give this a try. Thanks again.