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Removal of a SummitStack member

Removal of a SummitStack member

New Contributor
How do you clean up stacking config and port info after a stack member has been removed?

After removing a stack member by logging into the master node - and running "unconfigure stacking" {node address or slot number} then "reboot" {node address or slot number}.

The stack member you chose to remove will reboot and return to factory defaults. However the master node still "thinks" there is a stack member and shows all ports as being present - present and disabled.

The status of the master (in this case originally a 2 stack) when a show "stacking" is run - you see that it has "stacking enabled - master"

New Contributor
I have a stack of 3 and will be pulling out slot 2. Will unconfigure slot 2 automatically have slot 3 move to slot 2?

Note that if you do this, you will lose the config from the existing slot 3 (new slot 2). It's ports will need to be reconfigured.

Valued Contributor III
No - you would need to make that change yourself. It would also require you to update the configuration to move items on slot 3 to slot 2.
If you decide to make this change, you will also want to make sure that slot 3 is master capable, otherwise you'll only have a master and standby node with no backup.

Extreme Employee
Adding a GTAC Article for further reference:
How to remove a node from a stack