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New "Initial Configuration and Setup" Guide for 200 Series

New "Initial Configuration and Setup" Guide for 200 Series

Extreme Employee
Are you new to the 200 Series switches? Need some help doing initial setup and configuration for the software?

We've collected some of the most common configuration tasks into a how-to guide, ExtremeSwitching 200 Series: Initial Configuration and Setup. It's available now on the Extreme website.

If you have suggestions about additional topics to include in the guide, give me a shout.

Larry Kunz
Information Development
Extreme Networks

Honored Contributor
if that should help during initial config it might help it the document includes the baudrate for the console port.

BTW, in the admin guide the factory baudrate is listed with 115200 which is wrong.

Ah, thanks! I'll get that corrected in the Administration Guide.

Hi Larry,

I see the 9600 baud on my switch as the default but the "ExtremeSwitching 200 Series: Administration Guide" has the wrong information in it on page#51....
Baud Rate (bps) Select the default baud rate for the serial port connection from the menu. The factory default is 115200 baud.

Hi, Ronald. I checked with the 200 Series software lead and he confirmed that the default baud rate is 9600 bps, as indicated in the Hardware Installation Guide.

If your customer isn't seeing that, and you'd like to discuss it further, let me know.

Per your suggestion that I should add the baud rate to the Initial Configuration and Setup Guide -- thanks for the good idea. I'll add it in the next revision.

Larry Kunz
Extreme Networks
Information Development