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SNMP Receiver Not Able to Pull MAC Address and Other Info from BlackDiamond and Stacked Summit Switches

SNMP Receiver Not Able to Pull MAC Address and Other Info from BlackDiamond and Stacked Summit Switches

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Hello Everyone,

I am currently having an issue pulling device info from my Blackdiamond cores and stacked Summit series switches via SNMP (Both v2 and V3 produce same results). My non-stacked Summit series switches are not experiencing this issue and are pulling all info as expected. SNMPv2 is configured the same on all switches in our environment. I am only trying to pull basic information such as device info (sysname, contact, MAC, etc) and port mappings. However when I scan the problematic switches SNMP does not return the mac address for the device and the port status is a consistent "testing" state. It will pull other basic information and pull the macs associated with each port but not the mac of the switch itself. This is causing an issue because I now have one asset for each IP I've assigned to my cores. The tool I am using to gather information is LANsweeper, I initially contacted them about the issue but they seem to think it is a firmware issue on the switch itself. As mentioned earlier this is happening on all four of my blackdiamond switches and all stacked summit switches. I have about 50+ non-stacked summit switches that are able to pull snmp correctly. Any suggestions I'm running out of ideas? I have posted screen shots below of a good and bad SNMP pull.

Thank You,




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MEC01-BD8806-01.2 # show configuration "snmp"#
# Module snmpMaster configuration.
configure snmpv3 add community squarepants encrypted name qv}'{ev'g|v user v1v2c_ro
configure snmpv3 add target-addr v1v2cNotifyTAddr1 param v1v2cNotifyParam1 ipaddress transport-port 10550 from tag-list defaultNotify
configure snmpv3 target-addr v1v2cNotifyTAddr1 retry 0
configure snmpv3 add target-addr v1v2cNotifyTAddr2 param v1v2cNotifyParam2 ipaddress transport-port 162 tag-list defaultNotify
configure snmpv3 add target-params v1v2cNotifyParam1 user v1v2cNotifyUser1 mp-model snmpv2c sec-model snmpv2c sec-level noauth
configure snmpv3 add target-params v1v2cNotifyParam2 user v1v2cNotifyUser2 mp-model snmpv2c sec-model snmpv2c sec-level noauth
configure snmp access-profile snmp_access readwrite

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