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Summit X450e alternate stacking ports not working

Summit X450e alternate stacking ports not working

New Contributor
We have some Summit X450e equipped with XGM2-2BT Cards. Noe we want to reorganise the stack (4Switches) and distribute it over two rooms (2+2). So I'll try to use one of the 10GBase T Ports for Stacking....
I configured the according Port with
configure stacking-support stack-ports 1 selection alternate or on the other Switch of the pair with
configure stacking-support stack-ports 2 selection alternateI connected the alternate ports with a short cat6 cable, but with show stacking i only see the two switches connected with the normal stacking cable.
I've also reset 4 of our switches to factory default (unconfigure switch all) to checkif it is working when I rebuild the stack from scratch, but no success......
10G Ports, not configured as Stack port are working.
Do I miss something? Where is the error? Do I miss something
Perhaps someone can help me, to get this running.
Regards Micha


New Contributor
regarding the "enable stacking-support", this won't work on switches with fixed stacking ports as already pointed out. I can use "enable stacking" to build a stack with the native stack ports without problems. I can also configure the switch to use the alternate ports as pointed out above. But the switch won't use them.Thats the problem.
I've a case open and the support is checking the problem...... Let's see what they find out. I'll report, if we got something nailed down.

New Contributor II
The Firmware Version is a 15.3.x.x. Maybe this is incompatible for the XGM2-2BT.
Please look at the Release Notes.
What I know is that X450 accepts "enable stacking".
Do we have really type "enable stacking-Support" to activate stacking on the XGM2-2BT?



New Contributor
Hi Sushruth,
ok I've resetted two switches and tryed to use the 10G Ports to buid up a stack. No luck and nothing valuable in the log..... I've attached some more informations:
This is from one of the switches, the other switch is Identical (except the MAC address).
Is it possible to open a Case? The X450e are out of support now.
Any other Idea?

Extreme Employee
I suspect we'd see some logs related to port 49. Either way, when you try to build the alternate stack, if you still run into issues, you can open a case with GTAC for assistance.