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The "​​configure forwarding switching-mode cut-through" command is absent in 16.2 and

The "​​configure forwarding switching-mode cut-through" command is absent in 16.2 and


Hello, everybody,

I've found an article "" where ​​"configure forwarding switching-mode cut-through" command is mentioned. The article is for all Summits and for all EXOSes.

But when I try to say "configure forwarding switching-mode" I got an error message.

X440-8p.2 # configure forwarding ?
L2-protocol L2 protocol
hash-algorithm Set hardware hash table algorithm for layer 2, IP local host and IP multicast entries
hash-recursion-level Maximum number of L3 HW dual-hash buckets to modify to make room for a new IP unicast or multicast entry.
ipmc IP Multicast
sharing Configure settings for ECMP route sharing as well as load share group distribution
X440-8p.2 # configure forwarding switching-mode
%% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
X440-8p.3 #

The same thing is on X460-G2 with 21.1.x.x EXOS.

Could you please tell me what is wrong?

Many thanks in advance,



Contributor III
Related to this question - here the supported platform:
(copied from EXOS 22.4 Release Notes)
Cut-through forwarding mode supports only on 40G ports of X770 and
X670G2,X870 and X690 platforms. Also supports on 100G ports of X870 and
X690 platforms.
Can some explain why only 40G ports are changed to cut-through not the other 10GB Ports?
This is not customers expectation. If i decide to speed up server latency with cut-through i also need this faster switching methode on 10GB Ports too.

If some can explain that or show some responseable reasons for that limitation - it will be very welcome.


Thanks, there is an error in the article, now I see.

New Contributor
Hi Ilya,

the command is not support on all Switch Series. Have a look at the following atricle: