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Which 10Gb Switch to use

Which 10Gb Switch to use

New Contributor III
We have 2 switch models (x460, x670) in our environment that are running 10Gb SFP+.

My one problem I have with them is that these are fairly large in size and port density for some of our locations.

For instance we have an x460 down by one of our ISPs that is part of our EAPS ring around the city. This switch only has 3 ports 2 for the ring and then one for our hand-off.

What would be a better fit for us to use in that locale?

Our main requirement is that it has at minimum of 3 10Gb ports.
If the switch has 2 PSU that would be a plus, but not critical because of our other ISPs.

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Anyone finding this thread later, followup here: