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Dataplane for mac-in-mac needed for GNS3 VOSS Image

Dataplane for mac-in-mac needed for GNS3 VOSS Image

New Contributor
Hello, wondering when the dataplane for the mac-in-mac will be added to the VM for GNS3? I built a good size mesh of VSPs with the release and would be very useful to be able to ping all the way across the fabric, not just over direct adjacencies. This would be very useful for new opportunities in addition to customer education and modeling network cutovers. Full fabric with multiple VM Nodes up and running but can't pass any data beyond direct adjacencies.
Sooooo close.... this would be so excellent.


New Contributor

Dataplane support makes the difference. At the moment only control-plane makes it difficult to show the powerfull features of 802.1AQ . 


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @lataffe, that would be a good question for your local service engineer(SE), they’ll have more access to the roadmap than I will. If you’re not sure who to reach out to for your SE, please let me know generally where you’re located and I will find you a local contact to speak to about dataplane support on Virtual VOSS. 

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Any updates regarding dataplane support on Virtual VOSS?

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Hi Hakim,


you need to ask to a Extreme’s SE.