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QoS tag VLAN or Port

QoS tag VLAN or Port

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I have a VSP4450 with a connected IPTV server. We have problem with TVs lagging and I would like to add a QoS tag either on the ingress traffic on the port or on the VLAN (52) to see if it resolves the issue?

Is it this easy or am I missing something?

VLAN config:
interface vlan 52
qos ingressmap 1p 6
qos ingressmap ds 46
qos egressmap 1p 6
qos egressmap ds 46

Port config:
interface gig 1/13
qos level port 1/13 6
(No DSCP tag that I can find)


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

All ports have default qos set to 1. All ports on VSP by default set to L2+L3 trusted i.e Diff-Serve enable and Diff-serv type as Core. For this default config, port level qos  would have no impact. VSP would use ingress DSCP mapping  for both tagged or untagged packets. If packets ingressing with DSCP value as 0, packets would get QoS level of 1.  

In order for packets to be assigned qos level based on port, a port should be configured as L2Untrusted+L3Untrusted (no enable-diffserv enable / access-diffserv enable). DSCP would be remarked based on QoS to DSCP egress map.

A better approach would be to use ACL to remark DSCP for traffic sourced from IPTV server given there are indeed packet losses occurring in the network for qos Queue 1. Else, remarking DSCP would have no impact.

I would suggest to open a case with support to let someone look into complete path from IPTV server to Clients and confirm if there any indeed any packet losses for the IPTV stream and on which node in the network and why and then go for a solution from there.