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Virtual Lab Fabric Connect

Virtual Lab Fabric Connect

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Simple question... Is there a means to run Extreme Fabric Connect in a virtual environment?

Main reason is for me to get better familiar with the command-line and lab a virtual network without having to purchase the hardware?

If so, any instructions on how to install it.

Many thanks

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Unfortunately, you are correct 🙂

No dataplane in 8.1.5. See also this topic.

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Hello everyone,


Sorry for resurrecting this discussion about virtual lab 3a7a2b45838245ebbc56dcdffa2321d6_1f605.png


I have read this topic and I understand that SPBm control-plane has been implemented in priority. Then, maybe, the data-plane will follow. I’m OK with that !


We are 2 years after the last comment and I’m setting up a virtual infrastructure with GNS3 and VOSS VM v8.1.5.0 (latest version at this moment) and it seems that SPBm data-plane is still not implemented, right ?

Indeed, end-to-end IP communication just doesn’t work on my lab while everything looks working great on the control-plane’s side (“show isis spbm unicast-fib” → results make sense for me, etc.)


I’m asking because I have not found anything about this in release notes…


Thanks for your help !

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Thanks a lot Drew! You are the man 🙂
I've tried the whole setup using vmware player and I had some problems - i'm thinking the vix API didn't worked as expected. In the end I've switched to a demo workstation and worked without any issues.
Now I need to review the ACE FX papers - after almost 2 yeast i'm factory restored :))

Thanks Gates for the answer.
Sorry, not ipvon as I've mistake write (I've tested the L3VSN in my gns3 lab and it works), but ipsec vpn...I suppose now that the answer is the same as for macsec..