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VSP 7200 compatible transceivers

VSP 7200 compatible transceivers

Contributor II
Does anyone have experience with SFP, SFP+ or QSFP compatibles with VSP 7200 platform? I use SPF and SPF+ compatibles with ERS4000 in the past without problem but has no experience in VSP7200, I know that the best option is allways use the devices provided by manufacturer, but sometimes in the real world the customers has it´s own infraestructure and it´s difficult fit them in the project.

For example if I want connect a VSP7200 with a data store to a 10G speed, what is the combination supported? both end with Extreme transceivers? VSP7200 with Extreme transceiver and data store with its own? Both end with compatibles?



Extreme Employee
Please find the supported Optic converter list from the link below.

From VOSS R6.1.0.0 we support below. But Extreme do not support issue for using 3rd party GBIC.
  • Forgiving mode for all third party transceivers; use of transceivers (SFP/QSFP) and direct attach cables (DAC) from any vendor is now allowed (switch will bring up the port).