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802.1x netlogin

802.1x netlogin

New Contributor II
I try to implement 802.1x with NSP and i follow this pdf
i configure AD and dhcp, nsp, etc., but when i try to log into domain in port 1 (port 1-8 are 802.1x) give me the next messages.

there are currently no server logon availabe to service the logon request ?

the logon into domain is ok because a test in another port without 802.1x and work

Extreme Employee
Maybe this is windows saying it cannot find a domain server. I see this in my lab when windows does not get moved to a correct vlan and does not get an IP or cannot see the domain server.
Check on the switch if the client is moved, if not does your windows client have dot1x enabled ? (start wired autoconfig service and fill in authentication properties in your network setup on the client).
I have also seen this when there are DNS problems and the client cannot locate the domain server through DNS.

Extreme Employee
You're probably getting this log message because netlogin is not authenticating the 802.1x ports. Something is missing in the netlogin configuration or in the windows server for 802.1x.

How do you have netlogin and radius configured on the switch? You can also look at the "show radius" and "show log" commands on the switch to see if the switch is even sending Access Requests to the windows server.