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Aerohive AP Eth1 Port WAN Mode But No Internet on WIFI on a VLAN

Aerohive AP Eth1 Port WAN Mode But No Internet on WIFI on a VLAN

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Hi I encountered an issue in the below setup and any help is appreciated!

- I set the Eth1 port on my Aerohive AP in WAN mode (WAN IP assigned by ISP via DHCP). It can pull an IP address (say from my ISP, and the AP can ping / trace route to through AP's CLI. (This suggests that the ETH1 port is connected to the WAN?)

- I then created a mgt0.10 interface on the AP, assigned VLAN10 to it, and setup DHCP server service on mgt0.10 interface (LAN IP AP's 5G wifi with SSID "ABC" is VLAN tagged as VLAN10, and is using mgt0.10 interface. When I connect a device to the SSID "ABC", the device can pull an IP address correctly from the IP pool. However, the WIFI-connected device won't connect to the internet, and can't ping AP's WAN address. 

It looks like somehow the WAN (ETH1 interface) is not connected with MGT0.10 interface, and hence no traffic to the connected devices through WIFI.

How can I pass traffice form WAN (Eth1) to the WIFI? Do I need to setup IP route / NAT to make this setup work?




Extreme Employee

Extreme Employee


Will need to use the GUI and XIQ portal to configure the AP to be a DHCP server, below is article link.
XIQ - How to configure a DHCP server on an AP (NAT)

-Benjamin Tam
-Technical Support Engineer / Extreme Networks