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Chromecast with WC4110 controller and AP3610

Chromecast with WC4110 controller and AP3610

New Contributor II
Up until recently we had no problems with Chromecast devices. I now have two seperate sites that are reporting they can't get their Chromecast device to work. Does anyone know how the VNS should be configured to support Chromecast? Again, this was working and now is not.

New Contributor
Hi Scott,
Could you solve this problem? I'm also experiencing the same kind of issue related to multicasting. Only one site has this problem which was working fine previously. How did you solve your problem?
Thank you very much in advance.

Extreme Employee
I can find out.

Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks

New Contributor III
Hello Doug,
i think it would be great if Extreme provide some updated guides to related the topics like multicast, bonjour, mDNS, UPNP and so on. Did see many question in the forum related to this in the past. IPv6, too.

Are there still new tech transfers for partners in the intranet?

Extreme Employee
For anyone watching this or for future reference...

Issue: UPNP Multicast group used by chromecast not permitted by default

Resolution: Enable multicast group on the wireless controller from the Web GUI with the following process:
  1. Click Controller > Network > Topologies
  2. Click the Topology Chromecast is connected to
  3. Click Multicast filters tab
  4. Click Multicast Bridging check box
  5. Click IP group Radio button and add
  6. Click Save

Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks