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Cloud IQ connect config limitation AP122 AP305

Cloud IQ connect config limitation AP122 AP305

New Contributor III

Hello, I recently went to do a WIFI survey for client equipped with AP122 & AP305 adopt on the cloud IQ in connect mode.

When I do a suvrey I always get the information from the APs before, the Txpower / channel / AP name Unfortunately I am found were to exctract all this information on cloudiq connect.

Moreover the functionality of add ‘hostname in the beacon’ is grayed, that means that I cannot recover directly the names of AP¨s on the SSID and thus that I do not make my relation between Name AP and BSSID observe in ekahau for example. 

Do you know a solution for this?  excract all AP information (mac wirelles /txpower/channel) or add hostname in beacon ? 

Ty 🙂