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Extreme Wireless V2110 error log

Extreme Wireless V2110 error log

New Contributor II
Hi all,

Extreme Wireless V2110 Version : V2110_v9.15
AP Hardware : Extreme Wireless AP 3705i

Extreme Wireless V2110 Error log :
02/02/15 15:33:46 Major Config Manager Config Manager has experienced an error which has prevented it from properly processing a request. CM will continue running, however this error may be an indicator of a larger system problem. Error Details:AP[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] reported at least one configuration item to be invalid. The erroneous encoded configuration item is: 00550004

anyone know what's wrong with this log ?


Honored Contributor
I my experience it tells you that a configuration item wasn't synced to the AP.
What I do in such case is to reboot the AP and check whether it's working on the second try.

If you still see the error you'd either ignore it.... if the AP is working without any problems OR factory reset the AP AND remove the AP from the controller database.
Facory reset and remove from DB always solved the issue for me.

Thanks for your information